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    Five is not quite right ...
  • Good game friend! What did we play?
  • We’re a weird group, and confusing to most.
    If you know what we are, then you may boast.
  • I’m famous for striking this pose. Don’t tell me my name or the sport I play, but the country I’m from.
  • Do it like this man
  • Which sports games does ‘The Face’ make appearances at?
  • One of these greats is just one digit off.
  • Rivals we may be, but under one roof we live. Where is our home?
  • These are the highlights of which man’s stellar career?
  • At ancient games, this was your prize.What was the sport you played?
  • Can you keep up with our sports math and solve the missing number?
  • Be the FIRST to win the lottery for these host cities
  • Who’s the sports connection that links all these leading ladies?