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Tinsel Town
    Damsel in Distress
    Help these heroes find the right path to their ladies. Collect letters along the way to find the hidden scrambled word.
  • Mixed Up Movie
    Try and figure out the name of this movie.
  • Minimalist Movies
    Figure out the movies from the images. When you have the scrambled letters find the hidden word.
  • Bad Intentions
    Their favourite sport is to play mind games,
    But to get past them you’ll need to find names.
    Use the numbers to point the way,
    Find a word that is the heart of dismay.
  • A Numbers Game
  • ROBOT5
    First add the numbers of each robots name.
    Then solve the equations to win this game.
    Three numbers should remain - but don’t you fret.
    Just simply sub them out for the alphabet.
  • Mischief Managed
    Although the list is a few movies shorter,
    It shouldn’t take long to get them in order,
    To get the answer and do it well,
    You just need to know how to spell.
  • That Guy...
  • Lost Connection
    Find the common connection between the two actors/actresses.

    When you have the correct name use the hint in brackets below each name to find the final 1 word answer.
  • Die Another Day
  • POW: Picture of War
    We hope you remember your war movies. Tell us the name of the actor in this famous scene.
  • Simply Put
  • Remake
    These four men have a movie in common.
    Some call them rebels others call them lawman.
    Two of these guys are in the same cast.
    Remake is the key - so dig in the past,
    One man is still missing from the pic,
    Naming his character is the trick.
  • To Catch a Thief
    Looks like you’re the only person who saw the thief. Here’s a picture of the painting that was stolen. Just tell us this characters name and we’ll make sure justice is served.

    The only hint we can give you is that this characters name has something to do with nobility and he must be very rich to pull this job off.
  • Foreign Film
    Chances are you’ve seen this film's poster before but not its foreign counterpart. Tell us the name of movie.