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Quizzle Wizzle
    Who is our author?
  • Where am I? Take a bite out of that apple.
  • How much is a puzzle worth to you? A classic word board game will help you solve this.
  • What type of story does these 3 images represent?
  • Follow the notes to discover your prize
  • Look to the stars for this solution.
  • Follow the pattern and figure out which fruit belongs in the last spot.
  • Who made these Easter eggs?
  • What should you ward off from us?
  • We have gotten all out of order. Help set us right.
  • This crew is not quite as motley as you would think. They all have something in common except for one.
  • Something should spring to mind
  • What's my p-p-poker hand?
  • Don’t be distracted, their message is simple. Their names are the key.
  • Street view is a good perspective to look at this from.