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Tube Time
    Name the show
  • Can you tell this TV family by just their silhouettes?
  • These 6 pictures represent the occupations of characters from which show?
  • A rhyme with each circle will give you a family show
  • These 2 stars are from shows with one word in common.
  • We haven’t given you much to work with, just the hairs on their head. Which show is this foursome from?
  • Put these famous Captains in the right order to spell a secret command.
  • What is the name of this family who “always pays their debts”?
  • They’re all from different shows, but they share a common profession. What is it?
  • Unscramble the letters to get the logo of this 90s sitcom
  • One of these quotes does not belong to Daffy Duck, but another Looney Tunes character. Who is it?
  • Can you concoct what the name of this show is?
  • 8 names are listed below, but only 3 are made from “sugar, spice, and everything nice”. Unscramble the letters next to the 5 names that don’t belong.