EPIC Quest Rules

What is the EPIC Quest?

The EPIC Quest is a game of skill made up of five separate chapters of clues that you must solve by unravelling puzzles provided to you by the Contest organizer, Urbanquests.com Inc. (the "Organizer"). The game will begin with the release of chapter one on March 24, 2014. Subsequent chapters will be released depending on how quickly players can solve the previous chapter. Participation in chapters one to four has no prerequisites. That is, players do not need to complete any previous chapter in order to compete. However, in order to participate in the fifth and final chapter, players will need to have completed chapters one to four.

The first person to complete each chapter will be considered the chapter winner. The first person to complete chapter five will be considered the EPIC champion and the overall winner.

Prizes will be awarded by the Organizer to eligible participants as follows:

$1000 to the winner of chapter five, the EPIC champion and overall winner, as well as $1000 to the registered charity of their choice.

$375 to the winner of chapter four, as well as $375 to the registered charity of their choice.

$375 to the winner of chapter three, as well as $375 to the registered charity of their choice.

$375 to the winner of chapter two, as well as $375 to the registered charity of their choice.

$375 to the winner of chapter one, as well as $375 to the registered charity of their choice.

Winners can choose any charity to receive the donation equivalent of their prize, provided the charity is registered either in Canada (CRA) or the US (IRS).

Participation is limited to 100,000 participants so register early!

How to play the EPIC Quest

EPIC Quest clues are released by the Organizer on its website. The chapters and clues will be time-released; this means that players that start early will have an advantage but other players have the opportunity to catch up. Some clues will require that you also visit external websites or social media sites.

There will be hints that will help with solving a clue. Hints will be released depending on the percentage of players that have correctly solved a clue. Hints can be released at any time, so if you are stuck on a clue, keep checking the Organizer’s website.

For some people it will be difficult to complete the EPIC Quest without help, which is permitted. For example, you may need to use a device you don’t own. If you are unable to solve a puzzle on your own, don’t panic. Get creative. Get help. However, it is not permitted to create more than one account for a single player. Any players found to be doing this may be disqualified.

The Organizer anticipates the EPIC Quest will take 3 weeks minimum to solve, so if you are slow to solve a particular puzzle, you may be able to catch up.

Some puzzles may be easier to solve for some participants than others, but with enough creativity everyone should be on an even playing field.

In the unlikely event of a tie, the Organizer reserves the right to assign a final, tie-breaking challenge to the tied players and the winner of that challenge will be declared the winner.

Results, interim and final, will be posted on the Organizer’s website. The winner’s eligibility to collect the prize is subject to their compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the contest, as determined by the absolute discretion of the Organizer, and will be subject to the laws of where the winner lives.

The first individual that solves chapter five is the overall EPIC winner, provided they do so in accordance with the EPIC Quest Terms and Conditions, as determined by the Organizer, and in accordance with all applicable laws.

It is at the discretion of the Organizer how to determine the answers for EPIC Quest clues. By their nature, clues can sometimes be open to interpretation; but effort has been made toward ensuring the answer is correct based on the best available sources of information. Clue answers cannot be protested (unless, in a rare case, that a factual error has been made). In a case where multiple answers are possible, the Organizer has chosen one option to be accepted as the answer. (To borrow an example from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, if a clue asks “What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow”, and the chosen answer is the speed of an African swallow, then that is the correct answer. You can point out that there is also a European swallow, but tough noogies.)

If you are experiencing any technical problems (for example, difficulty redeeming a hint or you come across a broken clue or broken link), please email EPIC@urbanquest.com to alert us of the problem. We will attempt to fix any errors as quickly as possible. However, any emails not related to an error or bug, but instead looking for more information about clues and hints, will not be answered.

Let the Games Begin …

Registration is the first step. Go to http://www.urbanquest.com/epic to register and be sure to read the EPIC Terms and Conditions.