Washington DC

Finally a Corporate Retreat your Company
will enjoy!

Take your team on an exciting adventure through the town as you solve puzzles, explore new locations and challenge your office mates to a scavenger hunt adventure.

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team challenge
Events start at $500 Break your group into teams of 2 to 4 people for this self-guided event. Then grab your clue package and head out to conquer this unique team challenge. Solve a series of clues to find the secret location - and win!
  • Designed for any size group
  • Can be customized for specific needs or timeframes
  • One person acts as the host, but can participate as well if desired
  • Detailed instructions provided
  • Cost-effective for growing organizations
amazing race
Events start at $4,000 Your own "Amazing Race"-style experience with your very own team. Set out on an urban adventure with ten challenges hidden across a select area of Ottawa. Armed only with your clue sheet, your wits and your sense of humour, your team - divided into groups of 2 to 4 - must solve clues, find the hidden locations and complete challenges as quickly as possible to win!
  • Fully staffed and hosted event
  • All materials provided
  • Prizes provided for the top three teams
  • Event starts/finishes at a downtown location
  • Add photographers, key locations, or custom clues to make the day even more memorable!